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Who Are We? And How Can We Help?

You have come to this page because you are looking to feel better with some aspect of your life. We can help. MindBodyHealth specializes in health psychology services. Our dedicated team focuses on the understanding and connection between mind and body. This approach helps you hone specific psychological factors involved in achieving and maintaining health and wellness.

Love Your Mind

Love Your Body.

Love Your Health.

MindBodyHealth is a clinical psychology, therapy and counseling practice in Denver, CO that was created by Drs. Justin Ross and William Clancy in 2007. MindBodyHealth provides numerous modes of therapy and counseling services for many related conditions and treatment approaches. We believe in the following treatment approach:

  • Strengths Based Treatment

  • Aligning with values and meaning in life

  • Working together to address acceptance and change

  • Multidisciplinary approach to healing and growth