An interview with integrative medicine provider Fred Grover MD

Integrative care with a Revolutionary MD: A conversation with Fred Grover Jr., MD

by William Clancy, Psy.D.


When I’m having a health or wellness issue that needs to be addressed, the first thing I do is call Dr. Fred Grover. His mind-body expertise provides me a comfort level that I’m going to get my full dollar’s worth at his beautiful Cherry Creek concierge medical offices ( Fred makes high level integrative medicine care imminently accessible. As I progress in my efforts to learn and write about the integration of culturally different healing practices, Fred is the perfect discussion partner. His personal experiences and current journey help me to consider exploring areas of personal growth.

For example, as I’ve continued my study of Iyengar yoga as a therapeutic intervention, I took a yoga class with Devki Desai, an esteemed teacher who visited Denver from Pune, India in 2012. Pune is the home of the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute. Devki’s teachings included matter-of-fact instruction regarding Chakras. Personally I am not a skeptic that Chakras exist. It’s just that I’m undereducated about them: what are the histories and belief systems that spawned their inclusion in a variety of health treatment systems? How are they viewed by an esteemed medical doctor and a Western scientist?

Perfect questions for Fred. His answer? “I’m convinced (Chakras) exist. The problem is most docs and scientists are too logic minded to open their minds to energy medicine concepts of healing. They don’t believe in it unless there has been a randomized double blinded controlled trial. Physicians and patients need to ‘let go’ and explore the deeper realms of spirituality.  Everyone has their own unique spiritual self derived from their DNA and environment. We just have to learn how to reconnect to the inner self without being inhibited by science or tradition.”

 Q. Do you think it’s possible to experience your own Chakras?

A: “I’ve been doing a lot of meditation and shamanistic journeying the last few years and have seen them in my deeper journeys.  Participating in a year long course in the Peruvian Pachakuti Mesa tradition has enabled me to meditate more deeply and visualize the Chakras.”

 Q: What’s your understanding of what you saw? Do you think that a Chakra is something that can be studied scientifically?

A: “Chakras are the realm of subtle energy, that you can see while meditating and feel in your body. My favorite is the brow chakra which I use for medical intuition and spiritual travel.  Chakras have very subtle energy, so it is unlikely that modern science will ever be able to detect and study them.”

 Q: How would you suggest attempting to learn about or understand Chakras experientially?

A: “The concept of Chakras is cross cultural. They may be described differently, via the Chinese, Tibetans, Indians, and even the Greeks, but they are all describing the same thing. Start by trying yoga, meditation, acupuncture and often times you will experience a feeling of balance and improved energy after a session. Once you become aware of the energy flow whether balanced or imbalanced, meditate or experience shamanic journeying to gain a deeper sense of their existence. Carolyn Myss, Deepak Chopra and Sandra Ingerman can provide more insight in some of their books as well.”

While Chakras make intuitive sense to me, I become cautious when scientifically studying a modality such as Iyengar yoga because Iyengar eventually instructs students to create balance and flow between Chakras and assumes their existence. When you’re trying to bring a healing practice like this into a large medical-academic system, the scientists in the room become a tough sell. If they haven’t had the personal experiences that Fred is describing, it’s their scientific beliefs that become most interesting to consider.


Dr. Fred Grover is an integrative medicine provider of Revolutionary MD, a beautiful office located in Cherry Creek. He may be reached at 303.355.2385, or online: Revolutionary MD

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