Restorative yoga and mindfulness meditation non-challenge

I am excited about my recent partnership with First Descents! This fall, I am offering a restorative yoga and mindfulness meditation non-challenge.

My efforts are inspired by my old friend Allan Goldberg, former executive director of First Descents. Anyone who knows Allan’s story knows that his own practice of yoga and meditation helped him to embody the Out Living It mission like few others have!

For each donation of $150, you will receive a 90-minute group instruction in restorative yoga and mindfulness meditation techniques. This will include sequences and practices you can incorporate into your wellness efforts at home. We believe these practices are worthy of scientific study as palliative care modalities for cancer patients at any stage of treatment. Your donation can help us get started by allowing us to gather preliminary data about our proposed interventions, and possibly helping to justify the intervention’s inclusion in future First Descents programming.

Once you learn these techniques, your practice can become an effective First Descents fundraiser by pledging to practice what we have taught you. For example your friends or loved ones can donate a small amount each time you practice (say, $5 each practice, 20 times over a 30 day period). And it’s a non-challenge because your practice is restorative!

The process is fast, easy, and secure. I truly appreciate any support you can provide. It will benefit a great cause!

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