Sports Psychology Webinar Series Preview

I am excited to announce the beginning of a Sports Psychology Webinar Series that will be launching in 2017 in conjunction with the Train Like a Mother Club! This group will involve discussion of key elements promoting success in sport, including sessions on motivation, goal setting, adopting a high performance mindset, using visualization for success, mental toughness, mindfulness, and sports psychology race day preparedness. We plan to offer these groups in limited format, with 3-4 participants per session. These groups will be accessible anywhere in the world through an online, live portal. 

To showcase what these groups will look like, Dimity McDowell, coach MK and I sat down with 2 runners chasing Boston Qualifying goals at the upcoming Philadelphia Marathon. We discuss their history as runners and athletes.We talk about key aspects of their own personal histories that have fueled their passions for running which aligns with how they set current goals. We discuss the differences for each in how they prepare both their minds and bodies for this race, including unique sports psychology, high performance skills they will need to foster on race day in order to be successful.

I hope you enjoy this conversation. It’s an appetizer of programming to come. Stay tuned for more information to come on these sessions. Or feel free to email me directly:

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