Dr. Ross featured on ABC for Men’s Health Month

Dr. Ross was recently interviewed by ABC News on the subject of men’s health issues. Because November is men’s health month, news and information about men’s health is front and center. Some of the topics covered in the interview, which is to air in up to 35 national markets at 4:00 PM on Friday, November 18 on ABC, include men’s mental health, depression, and suicidal ideation.

Men's Health, Dr Justin Ross, Denver, Psychologist, #movemberMen’s health, particularly men’s mental health, is a really important topic. Men may often hide their symptoms of depression, fearing that expressing their concerns may make them weak, vulnerable or considered lesser than in the eyes of their family and friends. Many men are then prone to suffering in secret, hiding their concerns from their support system. And unfortunately, when suicide is involved, many find out too late the extent of the concerns.

Symptoms that support figures can monitor may differ for men than women. Men may not openly discuss their feelings, or may not appear sad or tearful. Common symptoms of depression in men include irritability, withdrawal, isolation, or a general sense that they are just not themselves. Hopeless, discussing that the world (and or their loved ones) would somehow be better off without them, or active statements about wishing they were no longer alive are quite concerning and require immediate attention.
Treatment is available. Most communities have access to some level of mental health resources. Both Dr. Clancy and Dr. Ross work with male clients individually on a daily basis. We have a Men’s Health group in our practice as well, that helps men cultivate an accepting attitude to learn how to talk about their mental health and overall sense of well-being. And for those who live remotely without access to face to face care, we can still help. The advance of Telehealth allows us to work with people through online platforms, all that is needed is access to the internet.

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