Strength Running Podcast With Jason Fitzgerald

Strength Running Podcast with Jason Fitzgerald

I recently had the opportunity to be a guest on the Strength Running Podcast with Jason Fitzgerald, talking about sports psychology as it relates to running.

We talk a lot in this interview on the enormous mental component involved in sports, especially endurance sports. Knowing that without having the right mindset about running, training, and performing, you’re destined to fall short of goals and potential. This podcast was all about highlighting key mental skills to ensure success and enjoyment in the sport.

This interview on The Strength Running Podcast with Jason Fitzgerald discusses adopting a specific mindset for success, working to reduce anxiety related to performance, and regulating arousal or excitement. We also discuss the role of visualization and meditation/mindfulness as it relates to training, racing, and general overall wellness.

Jason summed up our conversation best in these words: If you lack the mental models for success, you’ll never achieve your potential.


Direct from Jason about the Podcast:

“Use the Muscle That Matters

In The Matrix Reloaded, Agent Smith asks Neo, “Still using all the muscles except the one that matters?”

I can’t get this quote out of my head when it comes to sports psychology. The power of the brain can’t be denied – particularly when it comes to running, where it’s essential to achieve your goals.

Just think: during any race, the fastest runners are pushing themselves toward more pain. They’re not trying to avoid it like a football player. They’re embracing it.

That takes a certain mindset – and it doesn’t happen overnight.

In this podcast interview, we discuss the intricacies of mental training: managing arousal, reducing anxiety, and behavioral change.

I also tell a lot of stories about my high school and college running memories which you might enjoy. But you’ll definitely enjoy it when Dr. Ross puts me on the spot to ask about my inner self-talk!”

I really enjoyed this conversation with Jason. You can learn more about Strength Running and Jason Fitzgerald by punching on over to his website, or by visiting him on Twitter.

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