August 17, 2012

Dr. Justin Ross

Dr Justin Ross, Psychologist DenverDenver Psychologist Dr. Justin Ross

Denver psychologist Dr. Justin Ross is a founding member of MindBodyHealth. Dr. Ross is passionate about health psychology, and specializes in a number of health psychology related areas, including sports and performance psychologypain management, eating disordersstress reduction, bariatrics, and mindfulness based interventions. Dr. Ross is active in a number of health psychology modalities in Denver, including leading smoking cessation seminars, mindfulness programs, and support groups for those recovering from bariatric surgery. His current counseling practice integrates a positive psychology and health psychology model for all of his clients, regardless of what brings you into his office.

Dr. Ross is available for consultation via online platforms for clients outside of the Denver metro area.

Personal Life

Personally, Dr. Ross is passionate about a variety of active Colorado pursuits, including cycling, running, triathlon, camping, hiking and skiing. He is often training for his next marathon or triathlon and loves helping athletes optimize their training and performance in achieving their goals. He has qualified for the 2017 Boston Marathon. He lives in Denver with his wife and 2 children.

Personal Statement

"I specialize in helping people address the necessary mental, emotional and behavioral change in order to live and sustain a healthy, desired life. I incorporate mindfulness training and cognitive behavioral therapy ideas into our work, in a manner that I try to make relatable and easy to implement. I believe that we all have the capacity to better understand ourselves and develop the ability to self-regulate; that a lot of our own healing, self-satisfaction, and success is shaped by our internal self-talk. My goal as a provider is to help people develop skills that enable them to move towards a desired, meaningful life. I believe everyone has a right to live healthy and be well, and I hope to help everyone I work with achieve this goal."

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Recent interview with Dr. Ross on mindfulness and stress

 Podcast Interviews With Dr.Ross

Strength Running Podcast with Jason Fitzgerald:

On the Strength Running Podcast with Jason Fitzgerald, we talked about specific sports psychology skills as they relate to running. We talk a lot in this interview on the enormous mental component involved in sports, especially endurance sports. Knowing that without having the right mindset about running, training, and performing, you’re destined to fall short of goals and potential. This podcast was all about highlighting key mental skills to ensure success and enjoyment in the sport.


Open Water Swimming and Managing Anxiety in Triathlon

In the following podcast you will learn several key sports psychology tips for mastering open water swimming in triathlon. Learn how to be calm, confident and smooth in the water without letting anxiety or fear impact your performance.

Developing Sports Psychology in Endurance Sports

In the podcast below you will learn about sports psychology for runners, why mental skills training matters for your performance, and how to begin developing and implementing sports psychology skills into your training.

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