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meditate-on: the breath

When we meditate we are intending to bring attention to something. When I teach meditation I initially ask clients and students to bring detailed attention to the sensations they find present as they breathe. Growth in mindfulness practice often comes when we experience this type of present-focused attention. Concurrently, skillful management of distractions when focusing Read more about meditate-on: the breath[…]

Dr William Clancy, Denver Psychologist

Why I am endorsing ColoradoCare and Amendment 69

Here is my personal reasoning for supporting ColoradoCare and Amendment 69, which will be on the ballot here in November. I’m hoping that sharing this could sway a few folks into action on this issue or convince anyone who’s on the fence about whether to vote for it. I’m also hopeful that any clients or Read more about Why I am endorsing ColoradoCare and Amendment 69[…]

Restorative yoga and mindfulness meditation non-challenge

I am excited about my recent partnership with First Descents! This fall, I am offering a restorative yoga and mindfulness meditation non-challenge. My efforts are inspired by my old friend Allan Goldberg, former executive director of First Descents. Anyone who knows Allan’s story knows that his own practice of yoga and meditation helped him to Read more about Restorative yoga and mindfulness meditation non-challenge[…]

Dr William Clancy, Denver Psychologist

Breaking up with American football

My current rejection of football is simply as a fan or consumer, not as an athlete. It is through a different lens than I looked through as a teenager. Now I’m looking at it as a psychologist and as a father. It’s time for me to, once and for all, break up with American football. Read more.

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An interview with integrative medicine provider Fred Grover MD

Integrative care with a Revolutionary MD: A conversation with Fred Grover Jr., MD by William Clancy, Psy.D.   When I’m having a health or wellness issue that needs to be addressed, the first thing I do is call Dr. Fred Grover. His mind-body expertise provides me a comfort level that I’m going to get my Read more about An interview with integrative medicine provider Fred Grover MD[…]

Time to disarm.

On the day of the Connecticut massacre, I heard a radio show caller say that the recent run on U.S. mass murders is attributable to “stateism.” He claimed that stateist parents now blindly follow the dictates of stateist psychologists who assert  — without solid evidence, he incorrectly stated — that spanking and physical disciplining of children is Read more about Time to disarm.[…]

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Unscientific Soccer? Health Psychology and Social Justice

…as a Western-trained psychologist, I am careful when I utilize culturally different healing practices so as not to pull them too far from their roots. What happens when we are disrespectful to the cultural roots of a healing practice? First, we deny the experience of people who believe healing to emanate from a culturally learned perspective. We also create risk that…

Investing in the Therapy Relationship, Part II

For me, part of the idea of building a therapeutic relationship is sharing what I’ve learned and continue to learn. This does not mean that I make a therapy session about me — quite the contrary. But when a client is looking to remedy an unquiet mind or an uneasy interpersonal relationship, I will often share my Read more about Investing in the Therapy Relationship, Part II[…]

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Health Psychology and Social Justice

In psychology, mindfulness-based interventions are alternatives to traditional cognitive-behavioral therapy models. They are based in Eastern philosophical and healing practices that have centuries of tradition behind them. In short, mindfulness and acceptance represent a distinct cultural perspective. As mindfulness-based interventions are currently being integrated into Western medicine and psychology…