December 21, 2016

Mindfulness en español

New mindfulness group for Spanish speaking individuals and families: Conciencia de la mente para la salud beginning January 24

Diana Hinojosa, MA MindBodyHealth Denver

Group therapist Diana Hinojosa, MA

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This is an adaptation of four-week mindfulness skills training groups provided by MindBodyHealth. These groups have been offered in English and the aim is to provide Spanish speaking clients with a culturally competent introduction to the ideas of mindfulness, and how these practices can positively impact individuals who are having health problems.

The basis for applying mindfulness to health conditions has a well established research base, including the findings about Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, mindfulness meditation, yoga, and other forms of meditative practice. 

The basic idea is that mindfulness is the skill of paying attention to the signals that your body gives you, on-purpose, focused on present experience, and ideally not judging that experience. This can become a blueprint for coping with health problems such as chronic pain or chronic illness. When we meditate we are practicing a muted response (or non-response) to appraisals of illness, or emotions attached to illness, and to the physical sensations associated with illness. Eventually this can even become more of a relaxation response, which helps the body manage the pain and discomfort or other symptoms of illness.

Diana Hinojosa also offers individual sessions utilizing mindfulness-based approaches to health and wellness.

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