September 24, 2012

Bariatric Surgery


Bariatric weight loss surgery is a major life Bariatric Surgery, MindBodyHealth, Denverdecision that involves careful consideration, and is so much more than an operation. This is a life changing event that needs careful consideration and planning on many levels. Denver psychologists at MindBodyHealth will meet with you to establish specific goals for how a bariatric surgery procedure will improve your life. Additionally, we will help discuss the individual challenges you may face and create a game plan to aid in your success. We provide pre-surgery bariatric evaluations that include a detailed report that is effectively and efficiently communicated to your surgeon and surgery team.  We offer post-operative therapy to ensure that you are staying on track and effectively managing any concerns that you are facing. Coping with lifestyle change post bariatric surgery can be a difficult task for many, an area we are uniquely qualified to provide help. We work closely with several local bariatric weight loss surgery centers in Denver and often present to various support group meetings located throughout the Denver community.

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