March 27, 2014


Biofeedback training Denver


Biofeedback is the process of using technology to monitor and measure a number of physiological responses within the body. This promotes greater mind-body awareness with real-time data to support the connection between emotional states,  thinking patterns and bodily function; including heart rate, heart rate variability and nervous system responding. Each of these bodily systems are greatly affected by long term exposure to  energy depletion states, such as anxiety, stress, depression, and pain. Watching physiological changes unfold moment by moment on a computer screen helps develop greater awareness and connection to your health while learning proactive coping skills.

Biofeedback utilizes breathing exercises along with guided imagery to develop resiliency and build a sense of greater health, wellness and vitality. Most people can quickly and easily learn how to harness the mind-body connection through the process of real-time monitoring and intervention. This is done with a simple connection that is painless.

Biofeedback has demonstrated effectiveness for a number of conditions, including, but not limited to:

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