September 13, 2012


Mindfulness Denver

What is Mindfulness?

We are often asked, ‘What is Mindfulness?’ Mindfulness is an approach to life that, at its core, involves paying specific attention to your current experience. Mindfulness involves bringing awareness in a non-critical, non-judgmental way to your full state of being. This involves observing physical sensations throughout the body, thoughts in the mind, and your emotional state at this current moment without attempting to change, shape, or judge those experiences in any way. It is as simple (and often as difficult) as allowing your experience to be your experience just as it is, right here, right now.

How Can Mindfulness Help?

Very often, this approach proves difficult. It’s not a skill that most of us are taught. And certain problems, such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and health problems often involve cognitive and emotional experiences that are painful or undesired. Mindfulness is a valuable skill in learning how to effectively approach these difficulties. Mindfulness has demonstrated effectiveness in helping with a variety of psychological and health related problems, including (but not limited to) depression, anxiety, stress, pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance, fibromyalgia, and adjusting to a change in health status. By bringing increased awareness to our experiences, and then learning how we can choose to focus, we are better able to determine our options for moving forward with effective coping and resiliency.

Mindfulness at MindBodyHealth

At MindBodyHealth, we believe that mindfulness can offer a central tenet to living well. We offer mindfulness training for individuals, in group format, and in trainings for organizations and team. Mindfulness is a cost effective, non-invasive, non-medication based program to help you improve your life and your functioning.

Our current Mindfulness classes/groups include:

Mondays at noon with Dr. Clancy
Thursday Afternoon with Dr. Ross, 4-5, starting September 14th 2017 for 4 weeks.

Email us to signup for one of these classes or to obtain more information!

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