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Breaking up with American football

My current rejection of football is simply as a fan or consumer, not as an athlete. It is through a different lens than I looked through as a teenager. Now I’m looking at it as a psychologist and as a father. It’s time for me to, once and for all, break up with American football. Read more.

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The Power of Positive Psychology

Recently I’ve been noticing the connection between happiness, positive perspective taking, well-being, health and overall vitality in the clients with whom I have been working. There is a common thread between those that are finding a path through whatever ails them; depression, anxiety, stress, health problems, eating disorders, relationship difficulties and the like, and those Read more about The Power of Positive Psychology[…]

The Trifecta of Health

With so many articles and news stories published each and every day proclaiming the dire health of the individuals in our society, I am reminded how quickly we forget that taking care ourselves is often in our own power.  In the majority of our lives, maintaining health involves consistently making decisions for our benefit, not Read more about The Trifecta of Health[…]

Investing in the Therapy Relationship, Part I

One of the best investments I ever made was in going to therapy. I was in my late 20s; I was disillusioned with my career, my mood state, and my relationships, among other things. I needed a safe place where I could describe this experience out loud. I didn’t know why or how this would Read more about Investing in the Therapy Relationship, Part I[…]