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The Power of Positive Psychology

Recently I’ve been noticing the connection between happiness, positive perspective taking, well-being, health and overall vitality in the clients with whom I have been working. There is a common thread between those that are finding a path through whatever ails them; depression, anxiety, stress, health problems, eating disorders, relationship difficulties and the like, and those Read more about The Power of Positive Psychology[…]

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Health Psychology and Social Justice

In psychology, mindfulness-based interventions are alternatives to traditional cognitive-behavioral therapy models. They are based in Eastern philosophical and healing practices that have centuries of tradition behind them. In short, mindfulness and acceptance represent a distinct cultural perspective. As mindfulness-based interventions are currently being integrated into Western medicine and psychology…

Investing in the Therapy Relationship, Part I

One of the best investments I ever made was in going to therapy. I was in my late 20s; I was disillusioned with my career, my mood state, and my relationships, among other things. I needed a safe place where I could describe this experience out loud. I didn’t know why or how this would Read more about Investing in the Therapy Relationship, Part I[…]